Our Story

A survivor of the ancient world, an amfora is a vase with two vertical handles used for the storage and transportation of oils, grapes, grains, fish, and wines. While a common ancient pottery shape, the amfora varies in size and design within certain cultures, ranging from a simplistic ceramic vessel to a highly decorated one. With ingredients like fresh caught seafood and an assortment of distinctive salts such as fleur de sel, a delicate, hand-harvested salt collected in shallow pools of seawater in France and Portugal, our food reflects the range of the very vase we are named after. Just as amphorae traveled around the ancient Mediterranean world, we at Amfora aim to provide a unique culinary journey as you experience coastal Mediterranean dishes with influences from Spain, French, Italian, Adriatic, and North African cuisines.


Roberto Cardenas Rimarow

Cooking is a dream come true. It has evolved to a life that took me around the work. My skills are at this level from traveling the world. What makes you an amazing chef? Experience, world experience. I was able to gather the flavors of the world through traveling. You can really learn a country, the culture and its flavors through living and cooking in that region. What is your quintessential dish? I love to work with our house made pasta, it inspires creative ideas like squid ink pasta (black pasta) with fresh seafood, some scallops, shrimp jumbo, lump crab meat, pancetta and pine nuts in spicy olive oil and garlic. Lobster ravioli are another favorite. Where do you draw inspiration from? I was inspired each time I traveled to a different area and was faced with the challenge of learning all over again. Different country, different flavor, cultures, traditions in each. I really enjoyed the traditional, hands on learning in Calabria and Rome, where I picked up southern Italian flavors and advanced my culinary skills. What is your dream piece of cooking equipment? The Excalibur Island style Island kitchen from the Montague. I love how it keeps the entire team together. What is your favorite oddball ingredient? Coriander